Tandem Paragliding Flight & Aviation School in Antalja

Almost everyone has dreamed of flying – soaring through the sky like a bird at some point in his or her life. As a professional flight school, our goal is to provide the dream of the peoples come true. Imagine soaring through the air like a bird and landing gently on the ground after a superb flight? Book now your flight above beautiful mountains and Turkish coasts.


Unrivalled specialist in Tandem Paragliding, Microlight, Paramotor and Pilot Courses in Turkey...

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Tandem Flights - Antalja

We are ready to entertain you in the sky with its experienced staff. Watch the spectacular beauty of Taurus Mountains, turquoise Mediterrenean Coasts through the clouds...

microlight flights in Antalya

Courses - Antalja

We offer all level of paragliding pilot courses, microlight pilot course, paramotor pilot courses in Turkey. We are teaching paragliding to eager-to-learn flyers and foreign tourists...

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Microlight Flights - Antalja

Microlight flights have been described as an exciting joyride of a lifetime. You will discover the most beautiful points of Taurus Mountains, Mediterranean Coasts and holiday resorts...

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Paramotor Flights - Antalja

Paramotors are relatively easy to learn to fly, yet being foot launched they do not need an airfield to operate from. They can be flown from an open, flat field with no need to find a hill site...

antalya paragliding flights

Pilots - Antalja

Over the years we have been very fortunate with the quality and experience of pilots who have worked for Frontiers, whether teaching, guiding, flying tandem or Parahawking...

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