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We specialise in Elementary and Club Pilot paragliding courses in Turkey, with a good Instructor to Student ratio, making sure you have the right environment to progress quickly and safely as possible. We DO NOT teach large groups, stag or fun days, allowing our dedicated official instructors to give you the personal tuition you require, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, on our exclusive, all wind direction, private sites.


Unrivalled specialist in Tandem Paragliding, Microlight, Paramotor and Pilot Courses in Turkey...

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Tandem Flights - Antalya

First the Elementary Pilot course, on average 4-5 days and then Club Pilot, about 4-5 days. The days do not have to be taken consecutively and once Club Pilot you can leave the school...

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Courses - Antalya

This is a complete course offering excellent value for Beginners. Progressing through a series of exercises that start at the bottom of the hill and work up. On your first day you will learn ground control,...

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Microlight Flights - Antalya

You should be flying solo by the end of the day. Once in control of your paraglider you can progress up the hill in stages, from level flights, straight at first then with some turns, then higher flights with...

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Paramotor Flights - Antalya

Training days do not have to be taken consecutively but must be taken within one year. This marks a recognised level of competence before Club Pilot and unsupervised flight, with some...


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Pilots - Antalya

Complete your Elementary Pilot using school equipment then buy your own equipment and receive FREE Club Pilot training. This gives you time to decide if paragliding is for you before...

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