Antalya Tandem Paragliding Flight Experience

Do you want to learn to paraglide? To fly a wing that fits in a rucksack and can be carried on your back? To soar with the birds and drift among the clouds? Well, all you have to do is come and train at the most popular paragliding school in Antalya Turkey. Our paragliding lessons take place at our private training sites on the beautiful Turkish Riviera in Turkey – just outside Antalya and Belek and a short hop from Alanya – and are taught by the very best instructors.


Unrivalled specialist in Tandem Paragliding, Microlight, Paramotor and Pilot Courses in Turkey...

paramotor flights in Antalya

Tandem Flights - Antalya

Simply book one of our paragliding courses online or by giving us a call at our shop. Alternatively, why not treat someone else to the ultimate adventure? You can buy one of our paragliding vouchers online,...

microlight flights in Antalya

Courses - Antalya

For qualified pilots, we also run a range of overseas trips. We fly 365 days a year (weather permitting) and are unique in having access to private flying sites facing every wind direction in the fantastic ...

tandem flights in Turkey

Microlight Flights - Antalya

These exclusive private sites allow us to ensure safe paragliding tuition without the complications that come from sharing crowded club sites with other pilots. The importance of this cannot,...

antalya paragliding school

Paramotor Flights - Antalya

We are the only paragliding school in Antalya Turkey to fly every day of the year, seven days a week (weather depending). We fly on weekends and bank holidays, and have even been known to ...,


antalya paragliding flights

Pilots - Antalya

We have taught thousands of budding paraglider and hang glider pilots over the last quarter century and lessons can be taken at your pace and convenience. We take great pride in the range of wings...,

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